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What we do

Our Mission

Professor Morman earnestly works to get adult learners and professionals of varying levels, backgrounds and needs to live the lives they desire through education. Life as an adult can be hectic, stressful, chaotic or unexpected. Professor Morman delivers academic and professional services online to address clients’ needs and availability. One can expect to be transformed, confident and ready to exercise skills and knowledge received by Professor Morman. Be it a need to spruce up a resume to land a desired job or get academic lessons/assistance to get through a college course, Professor Morman will instruct, support and guide to get clients where they want to be.

Educational Demand for Jobs

  • Chances of being hired with a High School diploma or less 36% 36%
  • Chances of being hired with a Bachelor’s degree 90% 90%


From Our Clients

Cannot thank Ms. Morman enough for the amount of knowledge she has helped me acquire.

Noah Prebiance

Professor Morman is one of the best mentors a student could ever wish for. Her ability to get the best out of a student is second to none. She helped me overcome an age old problem of stage fear. It was an honor being mentored by you; I am blessed to have had you as my teacher.

Prashant Wahi

My experience was very inspiring. Mrs Morman functions on the hightest level of professionalism. I came with a deficiency and left with a surplus. I was able to land my dream job with her help on formatting my resume. Thank you Mrs. Morman all the best wishes and I hope we meet again!

Terrance Skerrette

She is amazing at what she does, she helped me with my resume to get a job with the city of West Palm Beach… and yes I got it, with her by my side, the Sky is the limit. She is literally an angle… thank you for all your help Mrs. C

Leonard Thorpe

Teacher Cassandra 

After all, you did for me it is hard to find the right words to thank you. Teacher Cassandra you were understandable to mu culture, helpful, and your class helped me a lot in my college. I just graduated 🙂 

Abdelmohsen Alanazi

Cassandra was a bigl help to me! I had just graduated from LPN school and had difficulty finding a job. I had no idea how to do a resumé. I had been working at Wal-Mart for 6 years and had no idea about any professional development skills. I definitely had no idea on how to formulate a resumé. She gave me my first template. Not only did it help me find a job, but it gave me a boost of confidence. There’s just somehting about seeing all of your accomplishments, certifications, and skills put on paper. Thank Cassandra!

Adrienne Denise Hammond